Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It’s OK to love your friends.

Everyone has acquaintances and friends and close friends. Some folks have friends with benefits. I’ve heard that sex can ruin friendships. How do you balance that risk? How do you determine what’s important? once you‘ve had sex with a friend, how do you go back to the ‘strictly friends’ zone?

Great question! If any of you have suggestions, please add a comment.

The concept of what a friend is has been distorted with Social Media. The 1,500 or so ‘friends’ I have on one of my social media profiles are barely acquaintances. Many I don’t know in person. We may have things in common, but I rarely interact on social media. In the age of COVID we can’t go out and gather to meet new people. I miss being able to touch, and hug. I hug strangers if they let me. Body contact is important to me, even if it’s not sexual. In the early 90’s a christian therapist and author named Gary Chapman published a book called ‘The Five Love Languages’. The takeaway is that individuals give and receive love in different ways. Mine are quality time and physical touch. The others mentioned in the book are words of affirmation, acts of service and receiving gifts. It should be noted that often the way people demonstrate love is how they want to receive love. Let’s be alert to how those around us demonstrate love and either have the conversation with them about how they want to receive love or at least mirror what they demonstrate back to them on occasion.

It is OK to love your friends. Remember the continuum of love.

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