Schedules. Who knew...

When I embarked on the practice of polyamory, it didn’t occur to me that figuring out how to make time to meet, much less cultivate a relationship with other people would be so difficult.

In my imagination I envisioned my husband and I meeting people together and building relationships together. As it turns out, he isn’t as Interested in meeting and building as I am. He’s pretty happy being home and tending the dogs and our lives in general. As I understand it, this will create a ‘V-type‘ relationship. I’ll have a boyfriend that he won’t have (much) interaction with. It is most likely at first, at least, that I’ll have several boyfriends, possibly at the same time, that he won’t know.

We’ve discussed this and he tells me he’s fine with it. The difficulty is scheduling. We are navigating the expectations of our relationship and our time together. I’m balancing work, and the other guys schedules to try to meet and get to know them. I’ve met up with 3 so far in recent weeks. I like them all for different reasons. One is an amazing cuddler, and does so with passion. One is more intellectual and I can have stimulating conversations that push me mentally and emotionally (it doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute). One is down to earth, comfortable to be with and is a passionate lover. There are others I’m trying to meet too, not that I intend to see all of them all the time, but the buffet just opened, and you’ve got to see what’s out there.

When this started, the goal for the husband and I was to meet and cultivate a third, equal partner. That’s what I’d still prefer. If hubby’s not that Interested in doing any exploring or the work involved, not sure where this will go. Stay tuned, more to come I’m sure.

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