‘The Pain...’

Anyone who watched the original Star Trek series will recall the scene where the rock eating ’monster’ was hit by phaser fire and Spock, played of course by Leonard Nimoy mind-melded with it and was overcome by the creatures pain.

yes, in retrospect it’s a cheesy scene, but as a fan who is devoted to the franchise it still moves me today when I see it.

What the hell, you might as, does that have to do with ANYTHING this blog is about? Well, you see, that is how I feel right now. I’m overcome, overwhelmed, drowning in emotion. All I want to do is scream, ‘The Pain...’ until somehow it stops. I don’t feel like I can even start talking because if I do, it’s one issue after another, after another, overlapping and convoluted so that it gets all the more overwhelming.

I don’t have the option to collapse into a puddle and not leave my room, because #adulting has to happen, so I put on my smile and move on.

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