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Well, I started reading this book by a Canadian Primary Care Physician called "When the Body Says No". I have a long, detailed post written about the first chapter, but I'll post that later.

The thing about this book is that it is looking at fairly common diseases and exploring the link between the pathophysiology of disease and the our mental and emotional states. As the author points out, there is no body without mind, and no mind without body. Our emotional states can trigger hormone release, affect endocrine function and impact every body system. The correlations that have been drawn between cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders and many other 'physical' problems and the sufferers past and present emotional competence is pretty astounding.

As I read, I'm not sure if I should be mad or glad. I resemble a number of examples given in the text. While I do not believe that my life, childhood in particular, was bad, something has caused me to be the way I am. I can tie some of it to the situation described in At Least One Lifetime... posted on a week or so ago. The examples the author gives in the book are of childhood trauma and abuse which seems to have programmed individuals almost from birth to behave in ways that are meant to serve and protect them, but end up hurting (and in some cases killing) them later.

I don't know quite what to make of this reading material yet. Still working it out. I would encourage you to read it though. It's enlightening.

When the Body Says No, by Gabor Mate'

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