"what makes me uncomfortable is your inability to tell me what you want from this relationship"

Ok, well, we've just had a conversation of some length that included my opinions on accepting with grace whatever the universe provides. That may not be what I wanted, or what felt I needed, but was provided nonetheless. I will accept whatever our relationship ends up being.

The comment that started this thread was made because I stated that I hesitated and giggled as I considered how to respond to your affirmation that you valued me. I giggled as a cover because I wanted to tell you I loved you. I frequently want to tell you I love you, or send some sign of affirmation, or caring that most would consider reserved to those in a significant relationship (see post Restraint). I may be wrong, but I still feel these expressions are not welcome because they make you uncomfortable - for two reasons: First - because your wife is not comfortable with you having this relationship, and Second - because you can not reciprocate those emotions in-kind. If I am wrong, please clearly communicate that to me.

I love you Kurt. Whatever our relationship ends up being, is fine by me. It can be physical or platonic, but I do hope it to have a degree of intimacy. I understand the limits of family and profession, as I have those myself. Navigating polyamory isn't always easy when all parties connected to the parties are not on the same page.

I learned long ago that love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, it does not boast it is not proud. I remind myself of these principles, take a deep breath and wait.

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