What do you need?

That was the exasperated question I was being asked. What do you need? I was seemingly unable to find words at that moment. I had an overwhelming emotional buildup happening, but words would not come out. After a day or so of contemplation, Ifound the words.

i needed passion and intimacy. Passion as a sign that that I was wanted, and intimacy as a sign of caring and more of trust.

There is a continuum of being wanted (semantically the same as the continuum of love) with acknowledgment of existence on the left and an undying passion on the right. I feel tolerated by most. I doubt genuine positive regard. In my lifetime I've been surrounded by people that loved me the very best they knew how. It is through no fault of theirs they didn’t know better. Our society has dictated certain behaviors that unfortunately don’t ‘fit all’. I’ve learned about love, how to give and receive, over the past several years. It was a deliberate process. I felt something missing, and I studied. I’m on an emotional and spiritual journey. I love where it is taking me.

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